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Automated time saving software and custom design for engineering and technology.

工程学&的软件; 技术,被设计节省时间,改进准确性并且消灭苦工!       
Logiciel pour la technologie  & ; La technologie, conçue pour épargner le temps, améliorent l'exactitude et éliminent la servitude !   
Software para la ingeniería  & ¡La tecnología, diseñada para ahorrar tiempo, mejora exactitud y elimina servidumbre!
आई. टी. साफ्टवेयर के लिए अभियांत्रिकी

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Note: All  programs designed for use in Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, NT 3.51+, 7,  8,  10.

Featured Products:

    1. Tank strapping tables(incremental depths vs. volumes)

  include  sumps, cleanouts & internal piping in  Tank Capacity Calculations   ver. 9.1 Automatically  calculates volumes for any increment of  depth to full liquid depth. Click to see all the other functions the progrm will do.

  New  2. Decimal Factors or Segments vers. 1,

  Decimal Factors   for vertical, round tanks will calculate 1/4  inch volume increments for each strapped section of the tank and place the results in a small table in the top right side of the  application's tank volume tables.

See screen print.

  3.  Save energy and company money by  purchasing   Tank Heat Loss and Insulation Calculations   ver. 3 software.   Compare scenarios and paybacks to determine optimum insulation thickness.

   4.   Save time and improve your estimates for coating your tanks & their accessories by purchasing  Tank & Accessories    Calculations ver. 1.2  

 5. Save by bundling:  Liquid Flow Systems - Bundled Package      A great collection! Includes the Liquid Flow   Calculations,  Orifice Diameter C alculations, Nozzle Diameter Calculations,  Pressure Drops, brake horsepower  and Engineering Unit Conversions  !

   We can custom design software or tailor our existing software to meet your needs!

       Phone 1-519-471-2375 or Contact us:  nblack     (close up the space!)






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