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Great for estimating: sandblasting, painting, insulation areas and design of safety valves!

Tank Surface Area Calculations ver. 1.1 is designed for use in Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and NT 3.51 or greater. This software program   will calculate the exterior or interior surface area for most tanks including heads. Great for estimating use for tanks: sandblasting, painting, insulation, venting losses and design of safety valves!

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 Orifice Dia.
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This software does:


Additional Aids:

  1. Definitions or descriptions of the various types of tanks.
  2. Diagrams showing various types of tanks.
  3. Abbreviations for metric and English units.       


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    Key Benefits

  1. No searching in manuals for formulae; eliminates making tedious calculations.

  2. Quickly and conveniently calculates tank surface area.

  3. Eliminates written notes and manual calculations.

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